19 October 2009


Chenincheninchenin blanc, how i love you chenin blanc!

with your ripe and softy fruits, elegant, shifty, silky smooth.

Sometimes you have bubbles and sometimes you're sec.

I love you most from Loire of course, you're limey tart and sassy.

chenincheninchenin blanc; let us drink you petillant.

Jacky Blot is either completely obsessive or totally chilled out and mellow depending upon which angle he takes in this wine. It is a pure and unadorned expression of Chenin Blanc---he adds no sugar in the process of making this sparkling wine, so it really is a completely natural wine. He is a able to skip chaptalization, tirage, and dosage (all the points in sparkling wine making where sugar is added, hence the name Triple Zero) because he works exclusively with perfectly ripe fruit from 50 year old vines.
So, my point being; either he spends all his energy sorting and focusing narrowly on making this unique wine, or he relaxes and lets the wine take shape based on the quality of the fruit he is working with, and my real speculation is obviously that it is just the right amount of both. Then, he slaps a black velvet label on it, and gives it a name like "Triple Zero"-- (only a frenchman can swing this), and this is why Jacky Blot is my Don Juan of Mont Louis.
$40/bottle---$20/bottle on BUBBLY SUNDAY.